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Net-A-Corp’s Managed Services Offerings allow you to contract us for support of your dedicated networks, systems, databases, and select applications. Net-A-Corp’s approach to system management allows you to select services that best support your individual business goals and current capabilities. Net-A-Corp provides three Managed Services Offerings: Net-A-Corp Enhanced Monitoring, Net-A-Corp Proactive Maintenance, Net-A-Corp Complete Care. When you move up in your level of management needs, each of the offerings includes the previous so that none of the benefits are lost.

Net-A-Corp Enhanced Monitoring Summary of Benefits

  • System monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Customized escalation protocols
  • Break/fix capabilities

Net-A-Corp Enhanced Monitoring consists of a comprehensive monitoring and alert package of supported technologies hosted in our facilities. In addition to basic availability monitoring of devices and services, Net-A-Corp also provides monitoring for errors/exceptions, thresholds, and performance utilization. Net-A-Corp also provides basic incident management for monitoring events that generate alerts.

Net-A-Corp Proactive Maintenance Summary of Benefits

  • Advanced system monitoring
  • Proactive system patching
  • Break/fix capabilities

Net-A-Corp Proactive Maintenance is a defense-only offering. Net-A-Corp provides Advanced Monitoring of the technology in question, proactively monitors vendor security patch availability, analyzes security patch necessity and priority, and applies recommended patches to your system. Reactive (break/fix) technical support is not included in the fixed monthly fee, nor are major software release upgrades (Windows XP to Windows Vista, or SBS 2003 Server to SBS 2007). However, these services are available on a time and materials basis.

Net-A-Corp Complete Care Summary of Benefits

  • Enhanced Monitoring
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • We are your Outsourced IT department
  • Fixed Cost
  • No Worries!

Net-A-Corp Complete Care offers all of the defensive coverage of Net-A-Corp Proactive Maintenance plus full coverage of regular maintenance of the technology in question. Availability Management also includes SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees for uptime of managed technologies (99.9% guaranteed uptime for fully redundant technologies and 99% for partial or non-redundant). Reactive break/fix engineering is included, as are most day-to-day functions, such as opening firewall conduits, necessary for the technology in question. Anti-Virus, and Backup & recovery functions are also managed and maintained by Net-A-Corp.

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